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MARCH 16 AT 7PM   &   MARCH 17 AT 4PM
Admission is FREE. A love offering will be taken for Hillside's Worship Ministry.

About Show Auditions

The purpose of our show is to provide our church members and the community a high-quality, family-friendly show that glorifies God. We are looking for a variety of song styles from across all decades, so you may be asked to do only one of your songs or to do a small ensemble, in addition to the large chorus numbers. You will be expected to prepare your solo on your own but know that coaching is available by appointment. For small ensembles, we will set up times to rehearse and work on staging, but you are responsible for learning your part. There will also be big opening and closing chorus numbers that there will be some extra rehearsals for. We understand that it takes commitment from each person to have a professional, high-quality show, so there are rehearsal dates that will be mandatory.


Auditions are now closed.

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