The Kick-Off Potluck for our Winter/Spring Family Nights is coming up on January 29th!

Join us for a church-wide potluck dinner on January 29th as we celebrate the Kick-Off of our Winter/Spring Family Nights at Hillside. We will be offering something for the whole family on Wednesday nights starting on February 5th: classes, activities, and more, for the whole family. So come eat, fellowship and learn more about what's going on at Hillside. Please RSVP today and sign up to bring a dish for the potluck.

for KIDS

All children are welcome from infants to 5th grade to enjoy a night of fun and fellowship on Wednesday nights with Hillside KidMusic. Music in 3D: Drumming, Dancing, and Didgeridoos! Chances are good that you know a kid who loves drumming and dancing, but...didgeri-WHO?? Come to KidMusic in the Children's Suite where we'll have fun with all these things and more as we worship God and grow in His grace! Ages 3 thru 5th grade meets in the Children's Suite starting at 5:30pm.


Junior High youth group “XZONE” meets from 6:00-7:30pm in the Clubhouse! Senior High youth group “TNT” meets in The Rock from 7:00-8:45pm. Join us for a fun time of Christ centered fellowship through games, dramas, worship, prayer and messages.


Epic of Eden: Jonah

Most people think about the book of Jonah as a children's story that we've heard many times before, but this study will prove all of those assumptions wrong! In the book of Jonah we find a professional holy man who receives an assignment from God that he can hardly get his brain around. We will be challenged with the same message that confronted Jonah: are we willing to let God move us out of our comfort zones to embrace a calling that might just take us to the edges of the world we know. Click Here to register.

The Parent Trap

Epic of Eden: Ruth

We know parenting can be extremely difficult, and as parents we can fall into traps - some set by us and others set by our kids. Join us in a conversational setting where parents of all ages will share their experiences for birth to adult children and everything in between. We'll cover topics including blended families, single parenting, and how to set boundaries. Click here to register.
Ruth is the story of 3 compelling characters: Naomi, an elderly widow who has lost everything, Ruth, her you daughter-in-law, also a widow as well as a foreigner, and Boaz, a local patriarch who is give the opportunity to do the right thing. Here is real life, lived out by real people with real fears, struggles, hope and faith. This is a study where we will be challenged to see yourself in the characters as we face many of the same questions and challenges. Books are not required but are helpful. Click here to register.

The Epic of Eden:

The Epic of Eden

Often name "the fifth gospel", the book of Isaiah has more to say about Israel's coming Messiah than any other Old Testament book, declaring that "the year of the Lord" had come and God's people needed to either step up, or stand down. Click here to register.

How many times have you resolved to really understand the Old Testament? This is your chance to put the whole thing in usable order - a history of God's redeeming grace from the Eden of the Garden to the garden of the New Jerusalem. Click here to register.

We would love to answer any of your questions. We hope you and your family will join us on Wednesday nights in February!

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