Most Recent Update

Dear Hillside Family,

As we continue the process of discernment regarding the present issues facing the United Methodist Church, we want to let you know of a recent and significant development. Many of you have attended our 2 congregational meetings and 11 Listening Sessions and we have heard your opinions, questions, and advice.  On Tuesday, August 16, at a specially-called Leadership Council meeting where a detailed report from those previous meetings was given, our lay representatives voted unanimously to ask our District Superintendent, Rev. Beth Sanders, to call an official Church Conference where all of the members of Hillside can vote on whether to remain with, or disaffiliate from, the United Methodist Church.

Due to the rules set by our Bishop and the North Georgia Annual Conference, this vote will not take place until March or April of 2023. At that time all members of Hillside will be given the opportunity to vote in person, and a 2/3 vote of those present at the meeting will be required in order to separate from the United Methodist Church. That decision would allow us to exit with ownership of our property and require a payment to the Annual Conference under a pre-agreed formula, the amount of which we will know before the meeting.

If you attended one of our Listening Sessions you are familiar with the process we have gone through so far and what the future might look like whether we stay with the UMC or disaffiliate, and the timeline and costs involved. If you still have questions or were unable to attend one of those meetings previously, we will continue to offer monthly Information Sessions, including updates, throughout the Fall season. You can check our web site and your email for those dates. This decision by the Hillside leadership has not been made lightly, and has come with much prayer, thought, and consultation. Though Hillside is a young church compared to some, we still have 40 years of history in the United Methodist Church. Long-standing conflicts as well as recent decisions from the UMC leadership nationally have led us to take this step now, but it will ultimately be up to the members of Hillside to decide our future.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please attend a future Listening Session or email If you’re not receiving news and updates, go to and sign up for our weekly enews. As the Leadership Council of Hillside, we ask for your continued prayers for our church as we continue through this process and seek to follow Jesus above all.

Nick Cawood
Leadership Council Chair

Information Sessions

Information Meeting 1 (6/12/2022) - Randy Hardy, a representative of the District Superintendent
CLICK HERE for your questions answered by Randy Hardy.
Information Meeting 2 (6/26/2022) - Dan Parr, a representative of the Wesleyan Covenant Association
CLICK HERE for your questions answered by Dan Parr.
All of the information provided on this page is given to help you to make an informed decision as we consider the various perspectives that are before us regarding disaffiliation and their possible impact on the future of our church. They represent the opinions and views of those who are presenting them, and they may not represent the views of Hillside leadership. We encourage you, as a concerned member of Hillside’s family, to do your own research and hope that you will use these and other resources as you prayerfully make your own choice.