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NOTE: COVID-19 Restrictions may be affecting the following Meetup Groups. Email us to get current info about these groups.

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo,
To Which Meetup Should I Go?

We have interest-based groups for every woman, no matter the season of life you are in. There is a place for you! Check out what is available below.

Missions & Outreach Planning

LEADER: Beth Vaughan
MEETS: Monthly for volunteer projects
Join this group as we dream big about what can be possible when ladies come together to serve each other and our surrounding communities!

My Teens are Growing Up: Now What?!

LEADERS: Laura Weathers,
Angie Faile & Heidi Jensen
MEETS: 4th Tuesdays at 7pm
This meetup is for moms of high schoolers who are transitioning their babies to college. Don't do it alone. Join us as we walk this journey together. 

Super Moms with Special Kids

LEADER: Amy Chapman
MEETS: Varies
Join other mothers of special needs children for encouragement, ideas, or just to chat and enjoy some time of fellowship.

All Booked Up - New Book Club Coming Soon!

LEADER: Wendy McCullough
MEETS: Varies
Click below to join this group if you are interested in a monthly book club!  Meeting time is TBA but will likely be one evening or weekend meetup a month.