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Courtney Wilson (Puebla, Mexico)

Courtney serves in Puebla, Mexico through CMF International in campus ministry. She has been in Mexico for 15 years - she and her husband have three beautiful children.  Her work is split between two areas within the organization. One area is in campus ministry with college students and the other is working with older youth at a local children's home in their transition out of high school and into the next phase of life, whatever that may be. Puebla has several major colleges and then many smaller ones who they reach out to.
Harry McSween (Andrews, North Carolina)

Harry lives with his family in Andrews, NC and serves at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitter as the Audio and Visual Media Manager. He has been at SWO full time since 2007. He also plays a role in the marketing department, leads worship for students and adults that attend programs at SWO, and disciples college-aged staff and interns.

Snowbird is often in need of volunteers for some of their construction projects.
Unnamed Missionaries to Africa

Hillside supports missionaries to Africa. Their personal information has been removed as a safety precaution. If you would like to learn more or connect with these missionaries personally, please contact Sarah.
The Lindseys (The Balkans)

The Lindsays are currently serving on a disciple making movements team in the Balkans in an area that is predominantly Muslim. They support their local church by regularly participating in church activities, serving,  and supporting their work with the youth. Their organization also hosts English classes and provides humanitarian aid when possible.

Are you being called to Missions?

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