September 14, 2019 - Packing 100,000 meals in a day 
Save the date!

Let us not love with words, or speech but with ACTIONS and in TRUTH.
I John 3:18

End World Hunger by 2030

Join Hillside and the Rise Against Hunger mission to end world hunger by the year 2030. Hillside's goal this year is to make 100,000 meal packs to be distributed all over the world to countries dealing with hunger and starvation. Partners in these countries, feed and educate to help them become independent successful men and women by understanding the people, the culture, the environment, the agriculture, livestock and the needs in the area.

This is possible!

Get Involved!


First, we need to cover this ministry in our prayers. That God will bless the work of Rise Against Hunger and the partnership with Hillside. That he will touch the hearts of those in our community to give and to serve. And mostly, pray for the families that are dealing with starvation at this very moment.
(1 out of 9 people in our world go to bed hungry each night)


One meal cost 32 cents to make. Our goal is to raise $32,000; enough to build  100,000 meals.


September 14
Make this day a priority for you, your family and the community. Encourage your sports teams, neighbors and business to join in and serve. All are welcome to serve ages 5 and up (nursery available for ages 4 and under with reservation).
There are several time slots to choose from,
Click below for more information.

Tell Me More..

FIRST:   Save the date!  September 14, 2019
We are packing 100,000 meals in one day and WE NEED YOU! There will be two opportunities on this Saturday to help build the meals and many ways to participate
SECOND:  Help raise funds!  (see above to donate)
THIRD:  Show Up
Make this date a priority for you and your family. All ages 5 and up can serve (nursery available by reservation ages 4 and under). Whether you must sit or are able to stand, whether you can lift or count, there is a job for you.
Plan this date with
  • your sporting event, bring the team to help
  • your business, make this day a service day
  • your school club, earn service hours
  • your family, serve alongside your family
  • your neighbors
All are welcome, whether you are a member of Hillside or not.
(see above to sign up to help)
Join us, all are welcome!

Teach them to fish,
...they will eat for a lifetime.